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Education Management System

A complete definition of Education Management System is providing an instructor with a set of tool and framework that allows the relatively easy creation of online course content and the subsequently teaching and management of including various interactions with students.

    • Our Course Management Software creates extra flow with; Department or Organizational support, enhancing distance Education system and Academic advising and Supervision.



    • Firstly it will help to combine interactivity with teaching methodology. The integrated system will help you to interact with students in live Classrooms, engage students in course discussion , assess progress with tests, assessment as well.


    • AGD ITs system should support group management features such as ability to create groups, integration with homework submissions, grade management and invariably or drop put from a group all together.


    • The system will be benefited with saving time from the traditional method of delivery. They can be backed up, imported into empty course shells, shared with other instructors and reused numerous times.


    • Our CMS environments allow educational institutions alike to save on administrative and paperwork costs by creating online courses, which they can reuse multiple times to train geographically dispersed team of employes or learners.


    • Institutions can easily update the existing content or add new content in a very short period of time. The CMS allow instant access for adding new material to keep the students program relevant. Learner will be able to see the updated material immediately, giving the course a fresh new look
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