Keep Track, Be Informed


We offer individual or combined RFID tracking systems to ensure seamless end-to-end tracking and visibility from global, to local, to in-room level. RFID tags come in many sizes, this give advantage as you can use small and conceal tag that will not be visible. The effectiveness of the RFID antenna reading the RFID tag is high which is the reason to be use in tracking. The services available in the solution software is:


  • 24hrs: the system will track all of the equipment 24hrs daily non-stop.
  • Monitoring: the user can access the system through Internet and monitor the movement and location of the equipment in real time.
  • Reporting: the system will generate report as requested. The report will content all data of the equipment. Such as the current location or within 24hrs or before it, where it has move. If the employee is also being track than you can find out who have move the equipment.
  • Alarm: if the equipment is being moved without any authorization from its fix location, than a notification will be send out as email or sms or trigger the alarm.
  • Search: if equipment is misplace, you can search its location thorough the system.